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Concept Bar Open

Showcased in the exhibition halls of Milan, Barcelona and Frankfurt, it was highly appreciated by the public and the dedicated press. The electric folding bar Open is designed to define a new usability concept, which doesn’t take into consideration the constraints imposed by manufacturing standards and meets the requirements of safety, ergonomics, and in particular mimesis.
This first model, patented, was also a forerunner of several following models; it has proven that it’ s possible to provide innovative and technological Design for All solutions that can be adopted in future productions.

Produced by Goman.

Open Plus

Open is a collection of safe bathroom products, in particular we designed the seat Open Plus produced by Goman. It’ an open seat with a shaped cap to hide the frontal hole. Made by Duroplast, equipped with hinges with or without “soft close” mechanism (Patents BS2008U000002 and BS2008O000003). Hiding and covering the service hole was the winning idea to reduce the differences when used by people with disabilities. In the bathroom it’s in fact important try to eliminate not only the discriminating elements, but also the cavities and obscurities that are synonymous of lack of hygiene.
With this project, Goman has allowed us to express the philosophy of Design for All and the company has guaranteed the reputation of a dynamic, innovative company.


The chopping board
for all ages.

Demì is a kitchen tool designed for all users who have the correct functionality of one hand or one arm.

Demì was designed as a safety system for cutting food, this chopping board exploits latent behaviour that extends the public to various categories, from the youngest to the oldest.

Two overlapping surfaces that slide in one direction allow you to use body strength to trap food that can then be cut with just one arm. It is a system that doesn’t preclude use for people without disabilities, as it’s also a reliable and precise way to cut food safely.

This project was developed for Snips following the principles of Design for All.

Photographs by Matteo Girola

Demì: the system

How to lock the food for cutting

The project is developed entirely along the food locking system. The idea, which comes from the observation of machinery from industrial production chains, has enabled a new solution for cutting food. Even more important was to understand that the strength of the body, in particular the abdomen (at waist height), was essential to replace the inability to use one of the two upper limbs.



The constant increase of life expectancy and the reaching into the fourth age, require today expressions and products that are less and less close to the hospitalising language. Giotto was created to fit into such a vision, to respect the desire of people who need safety aids that can be strongly referable to the most classic bathroom accessories, in a Design for All perspective.


Bathroom accessories

Giotto is a series that intentionally reminds and evokes, in its marks and designs, the usual walking stick; for this reason, it can be used – as a support or as a grip – in different positions and ways according to the user’s needs. The intentional focus on details and the integration of the towel holder, shifts the components of the collection from the semantic field of the “aid” to the semantic field of the “accessory” that is usually located in the bathroom.

Home wellness

We imagined this atmosphere as the spatial representation in balance between functional calling and the large space for relax; time, age and nature meet to create an elegant and comfortable place. The stone and wooden elements are the expression of the typical sites of wellness, and the water becomes the bond between the personal care of the body and the relax. The escape from everyday life or the time of the advanced age requires more generous and bright rooms to give design ideas for home wellness.

Wellness accessories

The distinctive elements of the collection, such as the handles, the tilting mirror and the shower seat, are designed to be easily positioned in home interiors as well as in typical places for people’s health care. The design features combined with Goman’s expertise in finding suitable technical solutions make this new collection an effective starting point. The natural consequence of years of research and development, because the bathroom should just be a place for pleasure and wellness.



folding bar

The new ergonomic folding bar Shade produced by Goman thanks to the support of the Goman R&D department, was created with the intention of continuing to open up paths and guidelines for bathroom furnishings Design for All where people’s needs and emotions are the core. The Shade folding bar is the result of a synthesis where the technical element hides like a shadow in the surface of the wall (Shade), blending elegantly with the other existing elements and with the refined atmospheres of contemporary design.

The opportunity

The starting point

The project began, unusually, from a technical element: a high-performance stainless steel movement system. This element, developed thanks to Goman’s R&D department, was already available and used for another product. Therefore, the idea developed around the possibility of re-using the system to bring to life another product that usually requires high performance in terms of tightness and load capacity: the folding bar, i.e. the support usually used in the bathroom for people with disabilities, especially people with reduced mobility.





Essentiality and transparency

Thanks to the optional structure available in the whole range of RAL colours and chrome finishes, the Shade folding bar deliberately avoids the orthopaedic and forcedly hospital-like appearance typical of classic folding bars, and fits carefully into any bathroom environment as an essential and transparent furnishing element.

Moreover, comfort studies confirm the greater user-friendliness compared to similar products, thanks to the tubular section that guarantees a good support surface.

Take a look to Giotto Collection, another project of Design for All bathroom accessories.


Prime. For All.

Goman aims to design products for All, which may be suitable in the most varied contexts. After Flight and Flat Washbasins and New Age furniture, the company adds to its catalogue, the PRIME washbasin, the first countertop basin for everyone. Goman is opening other doors to obtain new solutions in for All bathroom.

Thanks to the decennial experience of the designer Francesco Rodighiero in the field of inclusive products, and with the collaboration of the R&D department, it was possible to develop the first countertop washbasin, coordinated with accessories and components, able to guarantee compliance with regulations, to respect for the dignity of individuals.

With a few simple installation precautions, the accessible bathroom can blend with the elegance of the reception structures, and with the elegance of the most refined domestic environments. Once again we wanted to demonstrate that the bathroom must be an environment open to everyone, and with style.

The idea

No harsh indications

The front edge, normally, presents itself with a pronounced concavity in the sinks dedicated to people with disabilities. It has also become the symbol or stereotype of the ‘washbasin for the disabled’.

A distincive sign

This distinctive sign has become an integral part and in continuity with the overall curvilinear design of the entire external perimeter, and has been synthesized in an element with an ‘enveloping’ shape for the person, almost a “platform” for the personal hygiene.

Contemporary bathroom

Solutions with countertop washbasins are increasingly common, and reflect the taste and needs of contemporary furniture. The goal was to create a product that until then wasn’t available on the market, ensuring compliance with the regulations and needs of disabled people.

Inclusive hospitality

Each accommodation facility (hotels, pensions, tourist villages, campsites, etc.) must have a certain number of rooms accessible also to people with reduced or impaired mobility. Thanks to Prime it’s possible to design all rooms with accessible bathrooms, guaranteeing the elegance in the Design for hospitality.

Home scenario

Renovation of the bathroom by users of the fourth age (over 74 years olda) is increasingly common. This is the case of the typical small and realistic domestic bathroom, in which the bathtub is replaced by the shower.

Interviews e co-design

Collecting feedback and building prototypes

Knowing that we were doing something new, we needed to have a feedback from the end users, to understand how to make the product as functional and comfortable as possible. The only solution was to involve users in the design process, as Design for All requires. And keep in mind all the comments and suggestions that Goman has received over 20 years of experience.

After many models, several elbow rest prototypes were made to be tested and to find out which features made it more comfortable. In this way was possible for us to understand the correct use, behavior and needs. Thanks to 5 users aged between 25 and 70 years, was achieved the right ratio between the support surface, inclination and, most important, the soft edges.


Shine. Comfort for All.

After the Flight, Flat washbasin, the New Age piece of furniture, and in particular the Prime washbasin, the new Shine washbasin was created in the same design direction, with the intention of continuing to open paths and guidelines for the bathroom furniture for All that focus on people’s needs and emotions.

The research and development of new products Design for All are an opportunity for our Studio to show social responsibility in offering solutions designed for accessible hospitality.

100% made in Italy by Goman.

The idea

The floating object

The system and language used with the Prime washbasin to obtain the enveloping front edge, was the pre-requisite of this new project. At the same time, we imposed on ourselves the idea that the object seemed somehow suspended and floating in order to underline the lightness we wanted to achieve.

The goal

In places specialized in the care and well-being of elderly or disabled people, it’s important to have the opportunity to choose inclusive products and accessories, designed to play a key role in difficult times. Feeling welcomed, cared for, supported and understood performs a fundamental role in the care of each person, this is our goal.
In addition, we’ve thought of accommodation facilities, from public places to hotels and entertainment places, which when they use products and accessories are able to ensure safety, well-being and inclusive accessibility, they become more competitive. They increase the opportunities for service and reception, responding to the need for travel, or service, which meets the needs and requirements of people with disabilities..


One single self-supporting component

Shine is a wall-hung washbasin with elbow rests, shelf for objects and concave front edge, with a fixed inclination of 8°. The Shine washbasin has been designed to be a single self-supporting component that does not require brackets or other fixing systems. Made of POLITEK, (a very resistant material made of polyester resin and calcium carbonate, covered with a special Gelcoat for sanitary use, glossy white or matt), it is suitable for installation in disabled environments and in compliance with standards.


The universal washbasin

One washbasin for everyone. Contemporary design meets the requirements of the right to equality, the gradual ageing of the population and economic savings, making it possible to avoid the creation of bathrooms specifically for the disabled. Flight is designed for those who suffer from motor disability, whether temporary or permanent, for normal users, for children.

Produced by Goman.

The starting point

The indications from the client were quite clear and left a large margin of freedom. One thing was certain: we had to work on lightness and universality, it was necessary to make a mark to overcome the weight of the difficulty, of the disease. All that had to be left of the classic handicapped sink was the memory, a ghost.

Brightness and lightness

Made with a single shaped sheet of translucent Corian® that expresses lightness and transparency, Flight represents a light in a sector, the bathroom environment for the disabled, often characterized by the orthopaedic and strictly technical aspect. Flight, with its soft and sinuous lines, overcomes, as in flight, the aesthetic barriers resulting from regulations that are frequently misinterpreted.


The search for an element easily adopted in public and representative contexts such as offices, hotels, restaurants and bars led to the development of the Flight washbasin. A further opportunity to demonstrate that regulations and the right to a safe bathroom are not synonymous with technical and unpleasant places. In this context, it’s the first Design for All project by Goman.

Inclusive Design & Accessibility


Flight is a washbasin with unique technical features to make it easy and simple to use for people with reduced mobility. The slim single-piece shell, which gives space for the knees, the fixed inclination of the top and the concave front edge with elbow rests, make it possible to avoid the pneumatic adjustment mechanisms, allowing easy approach and use by anyone.

Corian® DuPont

Corian® is non-toxic, inert and ecological (green guard certification for indoor air qualified certified), has good resistance to chemicals and UV rays. Easily cleaned and repairable in case of scratches or chipping. Flight is made of thermoformed sheets.



The custom-made washbasin

Compliance with regulations and the right to use safe toilets should not preclude the use of custom-made components. Goman Flat opens up a new way in inclusive and accessible toilets. The metalacrylic resin allows to find answers not only for the specific market of contractors, but also for the replacement or restyling of previous bathroom equipment.
The opportunity to design and include the Flat washbasin in customized versions gives the possibility to personalize and perfectly adapt solutions that meet the most varied requests: from the special needs of users to the needs of peculiar and sophisticated interiors.

The concept

Flat: multi washbasin and custom tops

After the experience and successful Flight washbasin, Goman wants to complete its product range with a project that could offer multi washbasin products on the same top. The metalacrylic resin, which was already experienced, was the best solution because it was worked almost as if they were wooden panels and therefore it could be shaped to your preference.
The project, in addition to complying with the requests of the client, wanted to distinguish itself again for its lightness and essentiality.



Co-design for disability with social impact

“Hackability is a non-profit company founded in 2016, to bring together the skills of designers, makers, digital craftsmen, with the needs (and inventiveness) of people with disabilities and to grow communities that, through digital fabrication, co-design, the use of 3D printers and open source boards, create new solutions, customized, able to meet the needs of people with disabilities in everyday life. To achieve this goal, the company has developed a co-design and open innovation methodology that not only allows the development of common or complex objects, home automation solutions, devices, new low cost and scalable services, but also uses co-design as a tool to develop social inclusion, and as a research opportunity to produce and organize case studies that increase the knowledge of accessibility issues related to disability and aging”.
View Project


The key turner for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Design Francesco Rodighiero

This is a project of that we are very proud. In fact, it reflects everyday work: designing products for people with disabilities that respect their dignity.

Tulip is a keychain and key turner designed for people with rheumatoid arthritis who have difficulty turning keys in challenging locks. Common key turners usually tend to break the key, but this solution safeguards the lock.

Designed during a co-design event in collaboration with Hackability. Read more about it in this essay written some time ago.


Zooming device for reading and writing

Design: Francesco Rodighiero, Sebastiano Ercoli, Daniela Meroni, Enrico Bassi, Rosa Garofalo. Utenti: Giovanni & Alice

Giovanni and Alice are severely visually impaired. They have trouble reading and sometimes even signing documents.

For them we have designed an object that enlarges texts and images in order to read and write, thanks to a camera and a mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

Zoomograph is therefore the careable dedicated to visually impaired people that allows you to enlarge words and images without losing the thread of the sentence. The object is entirely printed in 3D in a single pre-assembled and adjustable piece, equipped with a lightweight endoscopic camera and wifi that connected to your smartphone or tablet facilitates the reading experience, but also writing.


The first folding table for wheelchair. All 3D printed.

Design: Francesco Rodighiero, Daniela Meroni, Anisia Lauditi, Alberto Ghirardello, Rossella Indaco. User: Francesco.

Daniela couldn’t always get into elevators with her son Francesco, in a wheelchair and with her small table. Moreover, it was difficult to carry her on journeys, trips, or anything else. For Daniela and Francesco we thought Tournée, a small table easily foldable and transportable that by the use of straps adapts to the various models of wheelchair. The dimensions are designed to cross even the narrowest thresholds.

Tournée is a small table for wheelchairs designed to be portable, with correct dimensions, easy and quick to fold. It is entirely printed in 3D, and can be customized to meet various needs and situations. There is nothing like that in the market at the moment, and many tables are bulky and difficult to transport. There are tilting versions but they differ depending on the type of wheelchair.

The small table has been printed by Superforma that we thank constantly.

Do you want to read more or arrange a big co-design event?
Contact Hackability
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