In May 2021 took place the elections of the new board of directors of the Association Design for All Italia, and with great pride we announce that the new president-elect is Francesco Rodighiero. The institutional role that he’ll cover for the next two years will be mainly directed to the dissemination of the values and principles of Design for All.

The new board is composed by:

In particular, he proposed to continue the work and the commitment of his predecessor, Giuseppe di Bucchianico, in consolidating the base of the association as well as to reflect on effective communication for a mixed audience. In particular, a big confrontation with all stakeholders will start soon to deepen and discuss the effectiveness of the Accessibility Law 13/1989.

The intent is to understand the strengths and limitations after more than forty years of applying, and then build a possible process that leads to the creation of documents useful for the construction of a new law certainly less prescriptive and more indicative according to the trend of Europe and the Nordic countries.